Vol. 21 No 1 | Autumn 2019
Letters to the Editor: neonatal circumcision
Dr Phil Watters

I applaud the recent magazine with the emphasis on LGBTQIA issues, but I was stunned to see you accepted an article from Brian Morris. This man is not a clinician, does not have a medical degree and has been roundly criticised in the past for his confirmation bias and conflict of interest. Promoting routine neonatal circumcision in the Australian context has no basis in rational science. It would be good to see someone from clinical paediatrics refute his quoted violations of academic integrity.

I took a conscientious objection to doing neonatal circumcisions in 1978. I have never regretted my decision. It’s time unscientific (eg. religious) bias was removed from the ongoing debate. I’d suggest that if all males were not circumcised after birth, then offered the procedure at age 18 when they can give informed consent, the vast majority would decline. I accept that around 1 in 500 males may need it for clinical reasons. Doing it to 499 helpless infants without solid evidence is child abuse.

Editor’s note: an opposing view to run alongside Brian Morris’ article was invited; however, our search was unsuccessful.

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