About O&G Magazine

Focusing on a central theme each issue, O&G Magazine reports on the latest topics in the practice of obstetrics and gynaecology.
It encourages the free flow of ideas, information and debate among the membership of the College and the broader community involved in women’s healthcare.

Four issues are published each year in March (Autumn), June (Winter), September (Spring) and December (Summer).

RANZCOG welcomes contributions from members of the College; please click the Contribute tab for further information.

Role of the O&G Magazine Advisory Group
The O&G Magazine Advisory Group was formed to guide the direction of O&G Magazine and plan the content of future issues, including the selection of topics and authors for specially-commissioned articles. The group has responsibility for the oversight of a magazine that serves as a means of communication to the membership of the College. The College’s vision and mission form the basis for O&G Magazine policy, and the College’s current Strategic Plan guides the selection of content. The group has chosen to coordinate each issue of O&G Magazine around a selected theme, currently alternating clinical themes with themes that highlight other College activities.
At its meetings, the O&G Magazine Advisory Group discusses and advises on the next four issues, particularly considering articles and potential authors relevant to the themes selected for the following two publications. However, the group does not make editorial decisions. All material published in O&G Magazine must be in line with the guidelines approved by the Executive Committee of Council. Editorial decisions also may be influenced by publication deadlines, number of pages available, balance of content and authors, cost factors and advertising policies
History of O&G Magazine
When O&G Magazine was launched in February 1999, the then President, Professor Ian Fraser, presented the new-look magazine as the face of a progressive women’s health organisation, with its content reflecting the services provided and activities conducted by the College. In his inaugural editorial entitled ‘This is your College’, Professor Fraser wrote of the changes taking place in the practice of obstetrics and gynaecology, and the roles that the College needed to assume in these changing and challenging times.
O&G Magazine replaced three College publications: The Bulletin (College news), The Diplomate (clinical articles for GP obstetricians) and Continuing Education News. O&G Magazine also took over the role formerly taken by the RACOG Resource Units in providing articles of clinical interest to obstetricians and gynaecologists. Also, up to that time, there had been no regular publication to promulgate the training work of the College and communicate updates and news to Trainees and training supervisors. The mission of O&G Magazine therefore was to present the College and the professional activities of its members to the membership and other interested readers.