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Vol. 20 No 2 | Winter 2018
Worldwide, 40–50 million abortions occur annually. Nearly half of these abortions are performed unsafely, with an estimated 50,000 deaths a year as a result. Abortion-related deaths are more frequent in countries with restrictive abortion laws (34 deaths per 100,000 births), than in countries with less restrictive laws (one or fewer per 100,000 births). Access to abortion care is highly variable worldwide and, in many countries, it is illegal regardless of women’s circumstances.
Vol. 20 No 1 | Autumn 2018
This issue of O&G Magazine deals with one of the most critical public health issues of the day – diabetes. Diabetes was first recognised as a National Health Priority Area in 1996. At least one in seven pregnancies in Australia is affected by diabetes. The prevalence of diabetes in our communities continues to increase and the health costs of this non-communicable disease (NCD) are almost incalculable.