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Vol. 25 No 2 | Winter 2023
Welcome to our Urogynae issue – the first since our issue of ‘Pelvic Floor’ in 2014. We have picked the brains of an interesting and diverse group of people – senior and junior, generalists and specialists, nurses and physiotherapists, and patient advocates. Our topics range from grass roots issues – managing bladders after birth, to professional development and systems improvement; exciting developments in research and sobering reminders that whatever our problems, the political will of nations is not fast enough to alleviate the suffering faced by millions of birthing women around the world. Please remember that this is not a book chapter about urogynaecology, not an issue of Current Opinion. Please write to us and tell us what needs to be in the next issue!
People of the Land
Vol. 25 No 1 | Autumn 2023
The stories in this issue are inspiring and speak to the strength of our culture and language. We need to be empowered to make positive changes. Non-Indigenous culture and knowledge can be so much richer if Indigenous ways of knowing and holistic approaches are valued and incorporated.