The O&G Magazine Editorial Advisory Committee work hard to ensure that each issue of the magazine explores a theme that is of interest to all those working in women’s health, in particular the specialism of obstetrics and gynaecology. In addition to the theme articles, every issue of the magazine features College news and a variety of articles on women’s health, including regular articles such as Journal Club and the Q&a. Explore the archive by issue to see the full magazine.

Vol. 23 No 4 | Summer 2021
In medicine, the words we use when speaking to patients can make an enormous difference to their care experience and indeed their health outcomes. It is critical that we communicate with empathy and respect. Moreover, the words we use in the written form, such as in medical records and consent forms, are equally important. The highlighted hands on the cover spell out 'respect' in Auslan.
Vol. 23 No 3 | Spring 2021
This issue of O&G Magazine takes us out of an age where medicine was an art to where medicine has become more scientific, enhanced by technology in its exponential advance. Technology is not just machines, it’s also chemistry, physics, computing and social expectations.
Rural and Remote
Vol. 23 No 2 | Winter 2021
In this issue of O&G Magazine, we invite you to take a trip with us across rural Australia and New Zealand to hear firsthand of the challenges faced by doctors working in rural and remote settings.
Reproductive Health
Vol. 23 No 1 | Autumn 2021
It is fitting that an issue dedicated to fertility and assisted reproduction is being published following Spring and Summer – a period of widespread new life, birth and growth. It is in the ‘Autumn’ of many patients’ reproductive lives that they will likely need assisted reproductive technologies. In this issue we look at empowering women to have knowledge about their fertility chances as well as access to options that allow them the best chance of having the family they want, when they want.