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Sepsis Redefined
Vol. 21 No 4 | Summer 2019
Sepsis remains a significant cause of maternal morbidity and mortality. We have made great headway in treating and preventing other major causative pathologies, yet the rates of maternal deaths secondary to sepsis have remained steady. Across the world, in all branches of medicine, sepsis is recognised as a pathological conundrum in that is difficult to detect early, but vastly important to treat early. The recognition of sepsis and the many diagnostic tools hospitals employ to detect it early are reviewed in this issue, and it is useful to reflect on measures that are taken in your own practice to ensure that every effort is made to recognise sepsis and recognise it early.
In Theatre
Vol. 21 No 3 | Spring 2019
The words ‘in theatre’ convey so many intimations. The thrill. The pomposity. The responsibility. The pursuit of perfection. The teamwork. The hierarchy. In this issue, the editorial team have deviated from delivering a variety of ‘how to’ guides for procedures and have instead intentionally decided to focus on the ‘meta’ aspects of operating in theatre.
Pelvic Pain
Vol. 21 No 2 | Winter 2019
This issue of O&G Magazine discusses the clinical enigma that is endometriosis. In the 13th century, pain during menses was described as ‘strangulation or suffocation of the womb’. Like many perceptions about women’s illnesses, the pain and suffering was attributed to a woman’s failure to fulfil her biological destiny, that is, become pregnant and bear children. It’s interesting, and important, to reflect on the impact of social mores and expectations and how they influence doctors and scientists and our assessment and management of patients.
Vol. 21 No 1 | Autumn 2019
This issue of O&G Magazine returns to a core topic of O&G management, that of premature birth – why it happens, how we manage it and the complications that can occur. It also touches on fascinating ground-breaking technologies we hope to see in the future that may revolutionise the management of those babies born on the cusp of viability and who face such a precarious course postnatally.