Pelvic Floor
Vol. 16 No 1 | Autumn 2014
A gravid issue
Dr MJ Graham

This article is 10 years old and may no longer reflect current clinical practice.

A gravid issue: a case for the omission of a woman’s gravidity from her antenatal record

Regarding the letter to the editor from Dr A M Owen and A/Prof C P McCusker (O&G Magazine Vol 15 No 4 66–67), any information about any woman may lead to prejudice by any other person. This is not an argument to omit information. Information about gravidity can have significant implications on a woman’s psychological response to pregnancy, labour and postnatal bonding. It is definitely important information for care. Like anything in life, information can be used for good or evil. A pregnant woman is a living feeling human being. She deserves to be treated as such, not pretending that gravidity didn’t occur, but supporting her in her journey. Omitting gravidity from a woman’s record denies the woman the respect and support she deserves for her journey.

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