Vol. 18 No 3 | Spring 2016
College Statements Update: July 2016
Prof Steve Robson

This article is 8 years old and may no longer reflect current clinical practice.

The Women’s Health Committee (WHC) reviewed the following statements in July 2016, which were subsequently endorsed by Council. College statements can be viewed on the College website.

New College Statements

The following new statement was approved by RANZCOG Council and Board in July 2016:

  • Exercise during pregnancy (C-Obs 62)

Revised College Statements

The following revised statements were approved by RANZCOG Council and Board in July 2016:

  • Routine antenatal assessment in the absence of pregnancy complications (C-Obs 3b)
  • Standing orders for prescribing narcotic drugs (C-Obs 8)
  • Management of breech presentation at term (C-Obs 11)
  • Altruistic and directed umbilical cord blood banking for families at risk (C-Obs 18)
  • Management of vasa praevia (C-Obs 47)
  • Management of vasa praevia (C-Obs 47)
  • Management of hepatitis B in pregnancy (C-Obs 50)
  • Management of hepatitis C in pregnancy (C-Obs 51)
  • Emergency contraception (C-Gyn 11)
  • Termination of pregnancy (C-Gyn 17)
  • Consent and provision of information to patients in Australia (C-Gen 2a)
  • Prophylactic antibiotics in obstetrics and gynaecology(C-Gen 17)

A full list of College Statements can be viewed on the Statements and Guidelines page of the RANZCOG website:



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