Vol. 20 No 2 | Winter 2018
College Statements update: March 2018
Prof Yee Leung

This article is 6 years old and may no longer reflect current clinical practice.

Revised College Statements

The following revised statements were approved by RANZCOG Council and Board in March 2018:

  • Maternal and perinatal data collection (C-Obs 40)
    • Additional links to current national projects to standardise data collection
  • RANZCOG position on reproductive treatment for women of advanced maternal age (C-Obs 52)
    • Updated references and strengthening of evidence
  • Female genital mutilation (C-Gyn 1)
    • Updated references and links to legislation in Australia and New Zealand
  • Managing the adnexae at the time of hysterectomy (C-Gyn 25)
    • Updated references and strengthening of evidence
    • Additional sentence ‘If a salpingectomy has been recommended on the basis of cancer risk reduction, the entire fallopian tube should be removed including any tubal fimbrae adherant to the ovary.’
  • Position statement on robotic-assisted surgery (C-Gyn 29)
    • Updated references and strengthening of evidence
    • Removal of term ‘Centres of excellence’
  • Guidelines for visiting surgeons conducting demonstration sessions (C-Gen 6)
    • Updated references and strengthening of evidence
  • Guidelines for performing gynaecological endoscopic procedures (C-Trg 2)
    • Subtitles on training to align with logbook requirements
    • Greater emphasis on level 6 due to recommendations from the NZ Health & Disability Commission investigation last year
    • Greater emphasis on the term ‘competency’
    • Additional section 3 ‘Credentialing’ with sentences in relation to Fellows who have not gone through the AGES training program. ‘Credentialing in endoscopic surgery must always proceed on an individual basis, and as such, may proceed outside of this framework, based on individual proof of training, skills and currency.’ And, ‘Although this statement will help guide institutional credentialing for a new Fellow, it should not be used to restrict scope of practice of any Fellow who is able to demonstrate training in a specific area of practice or procedure,’ with links to the College’s statement on credentialing (WPI 23)
  • The use of lasers in obstetrics and gynaecology (C-Trg 4)
    • Updated references and strengthening of awareness of any jurisdictional obligation in terms of licensing for the use of lasers

College Statements approved with no revisions

  • Guidelines for appointment of O&Gs to specialist positions (WPI 17)
    • No changes

Retired College Statements

  • The use of nifedipine in obstetrics (C-Obs 15)
    • This statement has been retired
  • Standards in maternity care (C-Obs 41)
    • This statement has been retired. Document replaced with new RANZCOG document ‘Maternity Care in Australia’

A full list of College Statements can be viewed on the RANZCOG Guidance app or on the website at: www.ranzcog.edu.au/Statements-Guidelines.

RANZCOG Patient Information

There are 33 RANZCOG Patient Information Pamphlets, including the new Pregnancy and Childbirth pack of 18 pamphlets, now available. All of these products can be viewed on the College website.

The following new titles were approved for publication and are now available:

  • Heavy menstrual bleeding
  • Hysterectomy

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