Vol. 18 No 2 | Winter 2016
The Provincial Fellows Clinical Webinar program

This article is 8 years old and may no longer reflect current clinical practice.

The College’s Provincial Fellows Committee is proud to deliver continuing professional development opportunities to a screen near you.

The Provincial Fellows Clinical Webinar Series began in 2013, following on from the long-running and widely attended Clinical Teleconference Series. After the event, the presentation and a recording of the Q&A session is made available to the wider College membership via the RANZCOG CLIMATE eLearning website (

Each webinar features a keynote speaker, a RANZCOG Fellow and leader in their chosen field, delivering a 15–20 minute slide presentation designed to share knowledge and promote discussion. Keynote speakers prepare pre-reading reference material, which is made available to Provincial Fellows via Climate on registration for each webinar and the wider membership afterwards. A/Prof Ian Pettigrew, champion of the Provincial Fellows Clinical Webinar

Series (and previously the Clinical Teleconference Series) introduces each speaker and invites questions, comments and discussion following the presentation.

Continuing professional development (CPD) points are allocated on the basis of one point for attending the webinar and one point for reading the pre-reading/reference material. Each webinar attracts two points. Fellows accessing the webinars via CLIMATE can claim one CPD point per hour under Self Education.

Webinars are an effective way for Provincial Fellows to access professional development in a range of topics important to rural and regional medical practice. Attending a webinar involves no travel time or cost. For further information, please contact Elizabeth Perini at: [email protected].

The 2016 webinar program.

Attendee feedback

‘I must say I enjoyed immensely my first session with your webinar and certainly benefited a fair bit from the information that was presented. I am sure I will benefit even more with subsequent webinars. Congratulations for a job well done for this webinar.’

‘Thank you for the team that has been organising the webinar sessions, which I have found to be better than attending conferences and seminars at convention centres.’

‘This last webinar session on urogynaecology was excellent. I shared the sentiments of several of the participants who had commented that it was an excellent session. There were many issues that were raised that were definitely relevant to those practising in the rural and remote regional centres. It is also enlightening to know that the problems that Prof Fraser raised regarding the credentialing of urogynaecology are well known and that attempts are being made to resolve them – certainly not an easy task. There should be more of these sessions so that the generalists in gynaecological practice are aware of the pitfalls in various aspects of subspecialised gynaecology and to tread carefully if they do venture into such areas of gynaecological surgery.’


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