Vol. 25 No 4 | Summer 2023
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Leaders in Focus: Guess who?
The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

You might know what they look like now, but can you pick what our Leaders in Focus looked like as a baby? Have a go at putting a name to these adorable faces. Answers provided at the bottom of the page.


Learn more about each Leader from the O&G Magazine archive:


Guess who? Solution

How many did you guess correctly?

  1. Kirsten Connan
  2. Michael Permezel
  3. Vijay Roach
  4. Nisha Khot
  5. Yee Leung
  6. Gillian Gibson
  7. Marilyn Clarke
  8. Cindy Farquhar
  9. Paul Howat
  10. Archana Rao
  11. Lindsay Edwards

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